Alpine-Mediterranean lifestyle

Where nature and culture merge in harmony

Blooming apple orchards, vineyards and chestnut groves adorn the landscape of South Tyrol's largest fruit-growing community in the Merano region. In Lana and the surrounding area, the refreshing alpine air meets the enticing scent of the south. Alpine roses and chestnut trees thrive here almost side by side. Peaks, alpine pastures and orchards unite to create a breathtaking natural spectacle.

At the same time, Lana and its surroundings reveal a rich cultural landscape. Historical paths and contemporary sculpture trails offer interesting ways to explore the region. Castles, palaces and traditional buildings characterise the villages, while around 40 churches, chapels and monasteries dating back to the 10th century bear witness to the historical importance of the area.

Discover this unique region and let yourself be enchanted by its beauty.

Fruit growing museum - 12 minutes

Educational as well as entertaining encounter

The “Apple Museum” in Niederlana offers a vivid insight into agricultural life for young and old.

Parish church-Maria Himmelfahrt - 10 minutes

Art historical jewel

The parish church in Niederlana with the Schnatterpeck altar – the largest winged altar in the Alpine region.

Church St. Margarethen - 8 minutes

Stairs to heaven – the Romanesque Road

Romanesque 3-apsid church with extensive fresco cycle from around 1215.

Gaulschlucht - 30 minutes

Wild and romantic

The bizarre rocky scenery, unique vegetation and picturesque location at the foot of Braunsberg Castle give the Gaul Gorge in Oberlana its unmistakable charm.


See and discover more

Meran 10 km - 12 minutes

As early as the 19th century, Merano was given the designation of “climatic health resort”, and even then illustrious guests appreciated the mild and beneficial climate. Even today, grape cures and Sissi baths attract numerous visitors to the little town, where the Mediterranean lightness can be felt.


Bozen 25 km - 18 minutes

Traditional and modern. Elegant and down-to-earth. And above all Italian and South Tyrolean. Hardly any other city offers so many contrasts and yet is as fascinating and varied as South Tyrol’s provincial capital, Bolzano. At Waltherplatz, the center of the city, stands the cathedral, a Gothic building. Its striking 65-meter-high tower with its beautifully pierced spire made of sandstone is the landmark of the valley town. The arcades, Silbergasse and the fruit market are enchanting with their historic buildings and yet full of life.