History/ Architecture and Climate House A


to the beginnings of the Untermargarethenhof

In 1949 the Untermargarethenhof, then Rosl’sheim, is built by my aunt Rosa (on my father’s side) and her husband Siegfried, later bequeathed to my father and then given to me.

My aunt and uncle grow apples and, as an additional income, set up a private museum where they exhibited and sold my uncle’s carvings. An Italian daily newspaper describes his root exhibition as a fairy-tale fantastic wonderland.

Our thought: "Keep the character of the house from 1949 and bring it into today".


to now: Modern architecture with character

Originally, the Rosl’sheim, built of porphyry stones, was to be fundamentally renovated.
But at the end of the gutting work, the statics gave way. The house is completely demolished and rebuilt in 2012/2013. The apartments will be completed in 2014. The exterior character of the house will be preserved, although windows and balconies will be significantly enlarged. Part of the building stones will be used for the construction of the boundary wall to the street side.

In the interior, we attached great importance to the use of local sustainable materials. In all bathrooms and in the staircase, the porphyry from the Rittner plateau is used. It is characterized above all by its beige hue, which gives it a Mediterranean and warm flair.

Throughout the house, privately as well as in the apartments, the same wooden floor is laid – plank oiled oak. The natural surface finish with high-quality oil ensures a healthy and breathable indoor climate. All doors and windows are installed flush to avoid visual clutter.


Living in Klimahaus A. A special attitude to life.

Climate protection and the careful use of available resources was another particular need for us in the new building. Thus, the planning and construction were already geared to energy efficiency and executed according to the quality criteria of the KlimaHaus Agency Bolzano.
A controlled ventilation of the living space ensures that fresh air is supplied without having to ventilate and that the room temperature is maintained.